Sleepovers & Retreats

This is specially when it takes you a long travel time, you are from outside of London, or quite simply desire an intensive loving, caring and healing time.

After experiencing couple hours or more of being in a deeply relaxed state, to immediately use public transport or drive back invalidates the massage. Its best to extend the blissful state of internal stillness and stay that way. Time is provided for conversations and feedback followed by more massages. I offer single night sleepovers and a short 2 nights retreat.





1 NIGHT SLEEPOVER:  Arrival by 8pm, followed by a shower, a 2hr session, feedback and sleep. Wake up call with a smoothie, conversations, shower and another 2hr or more of massage followed by feedback, light brunch and conversations with departure by 1pm.

2 NIGHTS RETREAT: Ditto as above, except it is for two nights. This way you get space to meditate, spend time in nature (local park or back garden), conversations, light vegetarian meals, nutritious juices and smoothies.


The therapy room will be your base, whether for the single night or the two nights.  There is a single firm mattress, bedding, couple chairs, built-in wardrobe. Shared bathroom on the same floor and use of the backyard and living room downstairs.





Vegan meals with organic fruits/vegetables or when in season, home grown and organic. We can look into special juice fasts for either of the sessions. Food allergens are discussed at the time of booking.



10% OFF for students and OAP’s


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In my sessions boundaries are respected and consent is observed. I work on and touch every part of the body so to heal some very deep seated issues of shame and guilt we may have.  Within a space of non-judgemental intimacy you are held, cradled, stroked, caressed, valued, cared-for and healed. You can choose to be draped or undraped according to your level of comfort.