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Jøƶef Øndkø

...if you want to experience more that just an intense physical touch, then Ali is taking you there effortlessly. Trust him. You will be rewarded. He made me float. He infused me with warmth & heat. I never received so much sensuality from a loving partner. Ali did not rush. This was better than sex and better than a baby bath. ​ I left many of my heavy thoughts behind too. I walked barefoot into his garden afterwards and felt reborn.

Karl Gregor

In my life I have received a lot of different massages, but none of them came even close to Ali's.

Sarah Thelwall

What a luxury. 90 minutes and all I had to do was be open to receiving.

Augustine Perera

The time I spent in Ali's hands, his reassuring warmth, his pure and genuine desire to be there for you, guide you and help you is one of the best therapies you could gift yourself. If you love yourself you should experience this at least once in your life.

I'm definitely going back.

Toms Pirktiņš

A gentle breeze - his hands. Soft. Brush of skin. Hot desert sands. Exotic. I felt calm and safe. In another place. Thank you.


Healing hand is exactly that indeed. I have now had many treatments with Ali. He truly has a wonderful energy when he’s working. His has soothing effects during his treatments that relax me therapeutically and emotionally.

Barnali Rath

I had a 2 hr session 3-4 months back. Since then I have experienced some amazing creative surges which have come to shape through gardening, cooking, writing and meditation. Emotionally, I have experienced some revelations about my relationships with myself and with others. A lot of "releases" have happened. At different times and in different ways.  Ali, thank you. I carry the memory of it and effects within me. Every day.

Cecilia Colussi

There was a serenity that near overwhelmed me for a moment till I was subdued into a state of contentedness. All the stress, apprehension and even fear I had about my back pain or the massage itself very quickly ebbed away in exchange for an abundance of pleasure.

Sebastian Lința

The experience is trully unforgettable, after 4 years I vividly remember the gift that I got and carry with me still.

Kai Helmich

Love heals all wounds and Ali is one of those beings that radiates the frequency of the heart. Be awakened by the healing hands/ touch in a weekend-retreat and soon your greatness and glory will come shining through.


It was a very special feeling of being cared for and healed, feeling waves of energy traveling through the body, feeling deeply energized and refreshed.



Through Ali´s touch with its slowness I could feel my body in a new way, as if melting. My mind came to rest, the experience was of a timeless quality, and long after, I found myself still smiling in a way that I´ve only observed on the faces of infants, well fed and held after breastfeeding.

Archana Ramaswamy

He has an aura of someone from whom you know you are receiving more than just a massage. His touch is so soft and sensitive, allowing you to go deep into a state that’s beyond relaxation. He acts as a facilitator aiding you to heal yourself. Such a gifted person exuding immense warmth and love.

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