COVID-19 Protection

At my practice measures are heightened to ensure that exposure to, and transmission of the virus is kept to the bare minimum. Strict cleaning procedures, sanitised surfaces and change of face rest with every client, adhere to more than ever before.

If I have any symptoms, I will cancel or reschedule our session.

If you’re experiencing any flu or cold like symptoms, however mild, self-isolate, get tested and rebook.

Massage is helpful not only for anxiety, but it also boosts our immune system and is much needed at this moment in time.


Ali Zaidi

I offer healing massage for all genders, age and sexualities, to stimulate the body, mind and spirit together. A safe space of non-judgemental intimacy is created where you can be held, cradled, stroked, caressed, valued, cared-for and healed. Guided by my heart connection I work closely with the emotional body, to realign energies and reawaken senses. It’s that special sacred communication which takes place between my hands as a giver and your body which receives the touch.


Mind Body Spirit

The practice at Healing Hands-London is based and inspired by Tantra; a connection and balance between our dual energies; the body and the mind, the intuition and the intellect. The slow pace of the massage awakens all senses for a deep healing to take place. With a very gentle and soft touch; active stretches and pressure where necessary, sensuous nurturing massages of varying durations are offered along with a sleep-over option. You can contact us to help you tailor the sessions according to your needs.

  • Ali has THE touch. I didn't really know what to expect, but I trusted completely his expertise and let myself go during the session. As soon as he started I immediately felt protected, safe and in a big warm embrace. A whole range of emotions was in motion and I felt in bliss. Whether it's your body, mind or spirit you will fully benefit from this treatment. Thank you, Ali 🌹

    Eleonora Gorini
  • I had a 2 hr session 3-4 months back. Since then I have experienced some amazing creative surges which have come to shape through gardening, cooking, writing and meditation. Emotionally, I have experienced some revelations about my relationships with myself and with others. A lot of "releases" have happened. At different times and in different ways.  Ali, thank you. I carry the memory of it and effects within me. Every day.

    Barnali Rath
  • Love heals all wounds and Ali is one of those beings that radiates the frequency of the heart. Be awakened by the healing hands/ touch in a weekend-retreat and soon your greatness and glory will come shining through.
    Kai Helmich
  • A gentle breeze - his hands. Soft. Brush of skin. Hot desert sands. Exotic. I felt calm and safe. In another place. Thank you.
    Toms Pirktiņš