Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find answers to frequently asked questions, if you have any other queries, please ask directly via the contact form.

1What kind of massage do you do?
I offer a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, nurturing and tender healing massage. My treatment connects with your chakras to balance your energies. My touch inspired by Tantra, is very intimate and sensuous, not sensual or sexual.
2Is it a Tantric massage?
Many interpretations abound, my understanding of Tantra is to foster a union within ones own body, energies of our chakras and spirit-matter, to create a blissful state balance and of non-duality. For me it is not about sexual or erotic edging.
3Why different sessions of massage?
I offer 90mins, 2 hrs and at time 3 hrs sessions of full-body massage using a slow and gentle pace to bring awareness into your whole body. Longer sessions allow for focused attention from head to toe. Shorter 60 mins session is for localised treatment, for instance back, shoulders and glutes. There is of course time before treatment to discuss and tailor the massage according to your needs.
4What do I wear during massage?
Most clients prefer to be naked. Some keep their underwear on, some prefer to be naked underneath a towel while some prefer to be completely naked – its your decision and I can work accordingly. There are towels in case you would like to be draped.
5What do you wear during massage?
I wear a sarong and a t-shirt.
6Do you massage everyone?
My clients include a diversity of gender, sexuality and ethnicity of adults.
7How do you take the payment?
I accept cash only as it allows me to keep treatment rates low by preventing fees charged by third party companies. OR by prior agreement, you can pay by direct bank transfer in advance of the treatment.
8How many clients you attend a day?
I seldom see more than three clients a day, with plenty gap between appointments to keep my energy to an optimum.
9What if I get aroused?
As a healer, my intention is to allow you to experience yourself in a state of authenticity. I encourage you to articulate your truth, sexuality and pleasure in a safe, non-judgemental space. Its not unusual to get aroused and it is indeed not an issue with me. As I mention elsewhere, I touch everywhere on the body to ensure we deal with shame and guilt positively. I distribute the energy of the arousal throughout the body. I do not provide a 'genital massage' or a 'happy ending'.
10Can I touch you?
I create a sacred, intimate and safe space of surrender for you to 'receive' healing. When receiving, the last thing needed is for your mind to actively think and create an excuse to feel or touch the masseur. Being touched hinders the process and is a big NO. There is time for hugs before and after the session.
11How to prepare myself for the massage?
Important question! Make sure you have eaten something light 90 minutes before your session. Please shower before you arrive. Keep yourself hydrated, avoid caffeine, alcohol and drugs/pharmacueticals. Likewise, after the session, have liquids and keep yourself hydrated, it helps pass out the toxins released during the massage. Have a light meal if you must, after 90 minutes.